PS Vita downgrade utility now available

Hacking the Vita opens up numerous added benefits as explained in an earlier post. Until now, hacking the Vita on some firmware versions such as 3.68 means that the exploit has to be injected again if the Vita was powered off.

Now there’s a way to downgrade your Vita to a version which will allow you to keep the exploit without doing this using a utility called modoru providing it’s on 3.68 or below.

Note: For Vita’s on firmware version 3.69 there is an exploit but this won’t be shared until playstation officially drop support for the Vita which will be soon so just hang in there.

Details on the downgrade tool can be foundĀ here

Downgraded to 3.60 and Enso complete after henkaku

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Newcastle miss out on 3 points against Wolves

Devastated about sums this one up. The game started as if Newcastle were going to get a battering by Wolves with some fast paced play but defensively we were strong.

The game settled shortly after and possession was fairly even over the remaining part of the first half.

Second half saw Hayden score a brilliant goal to put Newcastle in the lead and we seemed to play well and defensively.

The pain began when 4 minutes added time were declared and Wolves applied some pressure. With just over the 4 minutes played of injury time, Wolves equalise with what seemed to be a foul on the Newcastle keeper.

A point away instead of a deserved three, totally disappointed and devastated.

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Chinese New Year 2019 Newcastle

Ventured out to see the parade today and enjoyed it.

Here’s a few pictures and videos from today (Sun 10th Feb 2019).

Year of the Pig.

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SCP command and dealing with spaces.

The SCP (secure copy) command is a useful command when you’re wanting to transfer files from one server to another and is much faster than using FTP. The SCP command works in SSH and can transfer entire folders and it’s content across unlike limitations in FTP command line.

An example scp command is below:

Scp -r user@ /shares/Public/Shared\ Videos/Movies

The above is fine but if there is spaces or obscure symbols in the filename then you may hit some trouble. We can escape these errors by adding in “‘ at the start and end of filename being transferred. Example being:

scp -r user@”‘Ant-Man (2015)'” /shares/Public/Shared\ Videos/Movies

Remember to change the username and ip address along with path from and to and filenames to match your own argument.

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