Month: September 2019

Pi-hole ad blocker

Gone are the days when browsing the internet landed you on pages that weren’t full of ads. These days, virtually every website you stumble upon or go to have the annoying ads in them. Sure you can install ad blockers on devices you use to stop them but what about taking it to the next

Strathaven balloon festival 2019

This festival was amazing. The festival was on in August from 23rd – 25th. We travelled to Strathaven on the Saturday around 4am hoping to catch the early morning flights but missed them by about an hour. We did however see the evening flights, the night light show, the morning flights on the Sunday and

Defeated at Anfield

Well it wasn’t going to be anything other than this was it!? With Newcastle taking the lead early in the game, hope was short lived and the end result was expected with a 3-1 finish in Liverpools favour. Newcastle are now 18th in the premiership table and with the next game against Brighton hove Albion,

Next game Liverpool :(

This Saturday see’s Newcastle travel to Liverpool for their next game. With Liverpool so far winning all their games I can’t see us coming out of this one without being battered and when I say battered I mean destroyed by at least three goals. It may surprise me and we hang on for a draw