Newcastle beat Man United!

Eating my words here from previous posts, but that’s fine 😃

Overall, not the best of games as entertainment goes with both teams not showing dominance. The game ended at half time 0-0 with one attempt in the first half shaking the crossbar from Newcastle.

Second half started much like the first bit the teams were divided at the 71st minute with a goal from north Shields born and bred Matthew Longstaff. Longstaff shot a raking goal outside of the box into the lower left side of goal from a pass back which defeated the Manchester defender and keeper.

Newcastle are now out of the bottom 3 by a singular point and being replaced by Everton of all teams who sit on 7 points.

Well done Newcastle but we’re no way safe from dropping back in to the bottom three with more difficult games ahead.

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Royaly done over by Leicester

I knew we weren’t going to win but to be utterly taken to the cleaners with a 5-0 loss is absolutely dire!

Newcastle played with zero effort and the only true effort noticed on the day was the supporters voices. As mentioned in my previous posts I can’t see us picking up any points until at least December.

Man United is the next game and although they aren’t playing good themselves, they will be a damn lot better than our plight. Steve Bruce hasn’t a clue and it’s clearly showing he’s not the right person to motivate the players and get results.

Utter shambles and Mike Ashley won’t give a toss neither as usual as long as the money keeps rolling in.

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