WiFi 6 (802.11ax) the new game changer

WiFi technology has advanced over the years giving us faster speeds to our devices. The issue all WiFi revisions have is the fact that the AP (access point) can only talk to one device at a time no matter how small that data request may be and other devices on the same network still have to wait for a send receive request.

The next generation WiFi revision breaks this rule and blows WiFi into another level. With 802.11ax, we will be able to send multiple requests at the same time to multiple devices, making our devices no longer having to wait it’s turn of send receive requests on the network and perform faster and more efficiently.

Take a look at the below YouTube video and it’ll explain not only what I’ve mentioned in more detail (and better) but other exciting changes coming our way with WiFi 6

Author: Christopher Buchan

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