Ps Vita dlc install with Mai dumptool

I ran into an issue lately where I was trying to install dlc for zen pinball using mai dumptool and decide to share incase it helps someone.

On numerous attempts, for the life of me, I couldn’t get the dlc to install and unlock properly and was instead still showing as demos.

So try the below and see if it helps you for either zen pinball or any similar games when using the dump tool.

1. Download and unzip the files. In this example we have 3 for zen.
2. On the PC, take the contents of patch folder and put it on PCSB00094 (overwrite all the files)
3. via FTP send PCSB00094 to uxo: Mai and PCSB00094_addc to uxo: addcont_mai
4. start maidumptool and select option 2 in the main menu to install the game, after the process completes, close maidump
5. Start vitashell and rename uxo: addcont_mai / PCSB00094_addc to PCSB00094 (delete _addc)
6. start maidump again. The dlc will be installed automatically. Wait for it to finish and in the main menu select option 
5, then select the game (zen pinball) and again option 5. Wait until complete and close maidump.

7. Start Zen Pinball and enjoy

Author: Christopher Buchan

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