Unban your jailbroken PS3

Banned from PSN on your jailbroken PS3? No problem at all! With a few simple changes you’ll be back online in no time.

I was recently hit with both a user ban and console ban when I tried to log in and thought I would share the simplest method I found which may help.

First off, create a new PSN account and try and log in. If this works then you’ve only been hit with an account ban which means the only hardship is, is that you will have to delete your user and add your friends again.

If however this doesn’t work then your console has been banned which is more of pain. To get back online, follow the steps below. I found this was the easiest method but there is other methods.

What you need:

  1. A new CID (Console ID)
  2. A new PSID (Playstation ID)
  3. Webman mods full installed

Ok so to get both a new console ID and playstation ID I would recommend getting a private one that is not publicly listed. To get a private one, look for a recomended seller on Ebay or similar. The price shouldn’t cost much and most offer a guarantee of some sort.

Once you have the ID’s, install if not already webman mods. Once webman is installed, restart PS3. Find your console up address and enter this as follows on a pc or laptop in browser: ipaddressofps3/setup.ps3

If you’ve done this right, you’ll see a webman mod gui. Next locate the CID and PSN area and replace the existing ones with newly obtained ones. Now click save and restart the PS3.

Finally, try and log in to PSN. If this works, great but if not then delete current user on PS3, create a new one and log into new PSN account. If this fails then you’ve been sold or given a duff CID/PSID.

You should be up and running if you’ve followed things. Hope this helps

Author: Christopher Buchan

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