Canaries crap a big dump over NUFC

Holy mother of f#ck! What the hell has just happened?

I’ll tell you what has just happened, we’ve just confirmed exactly what people have been talking about since Rafa left.

Let’s not be under no illusion here, Rafa fucked off knowing fine well what was in store and well played to the guy. Ashley “pretending” he gives a shit and ploughs “some of his profits” into the club to buy players and appointing a cabbage for a “coach” erm I mean manager as he knew fine well calling him the next manager an uproar. Cunt!

I’ve just exhibited us being bummed big style by 3-1 off Norwich with said signings and a keeper who clearly needs fucking off to Specsavers as some of the goals he let in, my 3 year old son could have saved!!!!!!

I’m livid If you haven’t noticed I’m absolutely fucked clean off with this shit. I’m giving this post an 18+ as that cunt wanka of an owner knows fine well what an absolute tosser he is and should just get the fuck out!!!

A hatrick by Pukki! I mean what the fuck. Seriously, I’m utterly devastated about the way NUFC as a club.

Wow we got a goal back from shelvey. Please fuck off from the club Ashley and also Steve Bruce you absolute money grabbing bastard!

Author: Christopher Buchan

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