Desperate times at NUFC

Where do I start here!!!

With the rumoured takeover talks being what seemed to be more lies the whole escapade is nothing short of deflating. The takeover is now being classes as a fakeover in terms of being another one of Mike Ashley’s stunts to keep us with hope.

This has all but ended dreams and hopes as we are now seeing more and more rumours that Steve Bruce is to become the next manager for Newcastle. Another yes man another hated figure and if this does happen then a takeover is 100% not going to happen as any new owner of the club would wish to bring their own aspirations to the club.

Our first game is against Arsenal live on sky on the Sunday in August at home and there is huge social media gatherings to boycott the game and leave the ground a deserted humiliation. If this happens then surely this counts for unity and huge pressure will be glared at Ashley to get out and sell the club.

I stand by the boycott and wish it every success. We need to get this horrid vile person out of our club and let it repair from the years of decay caused by the owner and his little daft minions.

If you’re a supporter, please stay away from the game, watch the match in a pub somewhere and stop lining the fat man’s pockets. Let’s make a stand and make a mockery and embarrassment out of him once and for all. The only thing he’s interested in is money and the more pain we cause to his revenue the better.

Author: Christopher Buchan

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