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Strathaven balloon festival 2019

This festival was amazing. The festival was on in August from 23rd – 25th. We travelled to Strathaven on the… read more Strathaven balloon festival 2019

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Defeated at Anfield

Well it wasn’t going to be anything other than this was it!? With Newcastle taking the lead early in the… read more Defeated at Anfield

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Next game Liverpool :(

This Saturday see’s Newcastle travel to Liverpool for their next game. With Liverpool so far winning all their games I… read more Next game Liverpool 🙁

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Canaries crap a big dump over NUFC

Holy mother of f#ck! What the hell has just happened? I’ll tell you what has just happened, we’ve just confirmed… read more Canaries crap a big dump over NUFC

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Kettlewell scarecrow festival

So this is the second time I’ve been here and some of the exhibits are mad! This village probably relies… read more Kettlewell scarecrow festival

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It’s nearing the time when the premiership football returns which brings back football to our eyes. During this scarce period… read more #boycottarsenal

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Ps Vita dlc install with Mai dumptool

I ran into an issue lately where I was trying to install dlc for zen pinball using mai dumptool and… read more Ps Vita dlc install with Mai dumptool

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Desperate times at NUFC

Where do I start here!!! With the rumoured takeover talks being what seemed to be more lies the whole escapade… read more Desperate times at NUFC

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Perez to exit NUFC

Another blow looks to be heading Newcastle United’s way as Leicester look likely to sign Perez. Rumours are stating a… read more Perez to exit NUFC

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RAFA exits Newcastle

It’s a sad time in and around Newcastle today as Rafa Benitez walks from being Newcastle United manager, and quite… read more RAFA exits Newcastle