Premiership football secured next season

A 3-1 win at home against Southampton secures Newcastle playing in the premiership next season.

Ayoze Perez scored a hat trick in the game which I believe is his first with Newcastle United.

Newcastle went in at half time 2-0 up and in high spirits but coming out in the second half, Newcastle let things slip and gave Southampton a glimmer of light.

Nearing the end of the 90 minutes, Matt Ritchie produces a tremendous header on target which Perez connected with to make it 3-1. In my opinion, if the header was left then Matt Ritchie would have scored.

Well done lads!!!

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Gardeners delight

This year, decided to grow both a few varieties of chillies and tomatoes. The plant was bought from a car boot sale in Bedale while I was away with the family for a weekend break. So far it’s survived being brutally handled by a family member who I dare not name. Fingers crossed it pulls through!

Another good idea that’s not really found when searching the internet is a different way to use growbags. I’ve found in the past by cutting the bag in two and putting a tomato plant in each one works better than the normal laying flat and putting them in. See below

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WiFi 6 (802.11ax) the new game changer

WiFi technology has advanced over the years giving us faster speeds to our devices. The issue all WiFi revisions have is the fact that the AP (access point) can only talk to one device at a time no matter how small that data request may be and other devices on the same network still have to wait for a send receive request.

The next generation WiFi revision breaks this rule and blows WiFi into another level. With 802.11ax, we will be able to send multiple requests at the same time to multiple devices, making our devices no longer having to wait it’s turn of send receive requests on the network and perform faster and more efficiently.

Take a look at the below YouTube video and it’ll explain not only what I’ve mentioned in more detail (and better) but other exciting changes coming our way with WiFi 6

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Will Arsenal make fools out of Newcastle in April?

Monday night football at the beginning of April brings Arsenal v Newcastle. With an 8pm kick off that’s live on sky sports from the Emerates stadium, I personally can’t see us getting anything from this game.

We’ve had a OK run lately with a win at home against Everton in a truly magnificent turnaround of a game and a lucky draw at home against Bournemouth due to shoddy referee decisions but feel we are going to be torn a new one on Monday.

I hope I’m wrong and we come out of this match with a draw or even better a win but if I’m honest we will get done over by at least 3 goals. In fact, I’m putting that bet on, 3-0 to Arsenal

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Pick that out Pickford!

Well I’m going to be perfectly honest here, I wasn’t expecting anything from this game against Everton.

First half was very predictable with Everton taking the lead in the 18th minute and later extending the lead to 0-2 in the 32nd. The first half ended 0-2 and I felt the second half was just going to be as poor. How wrong was I!

All I can say is Rafa must have gave the team a huge grilling during the break and things changed in the team’s performance second half and they actually turned up.

Rondon reduced the defecit to 1-2 early in the second half which gave Newcastle hope and they started piling the pressure on Everton. The tactics paid off and Perez equalised with a fine goal late into the second half.

That wasn’t the end of it tho, Newcastle were now up for the challenge and now believed they can go on and win the game. Perez shortly after scored the third and Everton were now deflated and desperate.

Newcastle dug in deep after this point and the game ended as a tremendous victory to Newcastle of 3-2.

What a turnaround this game was and is another 3 points in the journey to secure next season in the premiership.

Well done lads!!!!!

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PS Vita downgrade utility now available

Hacking the Vita opens up numerous added benefits as explained in an earlier post. Until now, hacking the Vita on some firmware versions such as 3.68 means that the exploit has to be injected again if the Vita was powered off.

Now there’s a way to downgrade your Vita to a version which will allow you to keep the exploit without doing this using a utility called modoru providing it’s on 3.68 or below.

Note: For Vita’s on firmware version 3.69 there is an exploit but this won’t be shared until playstation officially drop support for the Vita which will be soon so just hang in there.

Details on the downgrade tool can be foundĀ here

Downgraded to 3.60 and Enso complete after henkaku

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Newcastle miss out on 3 points against Wolves

Devastated about sums this one up. The game started as if Newcastle were going to get a battering by Wolves with some fast paced play but defensively we were strong.

The game settled shortly after and possession was fairly even over the remaining part of the first half.

Second half saw Hayden score a brilliant goal to put Newcastle in the lead and we seemed to play well and defensively.

The pain began when 4 minutes added time were declared and Wolves applied some pressure. With just over the 4 minutes played of injury time, Wolves equalise with what seemed to be a foul on the Newcastle keeper.

A point away instead of a deserved three, totally disappointed and devastated.

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Chinese New Year 2019 Newcastle

Ventured out to see the parade today and enjoyed it.

Here’s a few pictures and videos from today (Sun 10th Feb 2019).

Year of the Pig.

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SCP command and dealing with spaces.

The SCP (secure copy) command is a useful command when you’re wanting to transfer files from one server to another and is much faster than using FTP. The SCP command works in SSH and can transfer entire folders and it’s content across unlike limitations in FTP command line.

An example scp command is below:

Scp -r user@ /shares/Public/Shared\ Videos/Movies

The above is fine but if there is spaces or obscure symbols in the filename then you may hit some trouble. We can escape these errors by adding in “‘ at the start and end of filename being transferred. Example being:

scp -r user@”‘Ant-Man (2015)'” /shares/Public/Shared\ Videos/Movies

Remember to change the username and ip address along with path from and to and filenames to match your own argument.

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Newcastle exit FA cup by Watford

Not surprisingly, Newcastle leave the FA cup early in the tournament. An extremely poor game was noticed in the first 45 with nothing from either team. It wasn’t until around the 60 minute mark when Watford decided to show up and score and lastly in the 90th to end to game 0-2 at ST James park.

In reflection, nothing changes and it’s almost predictable these days with every game Newcastle go into. Without any new quality into the team, I can’t see anything changing soon or in the future. Mike Ashley runs the club as a business only and isn’t interested in anything other than surviving the premiership season at best.

Next game is Manchester city which is probably going to be huge score line defeat and will move us down the table as other teams around us pick up wins or draws.

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