Kettlewell scarecrow festival

So this is the second time I’ve been here and some of the exhibits are mad!

This village probably relies on this event as thousands of people attend for this yearly event that lasts a week but there’s nothing else here really after this event ends

Anyways, here’s a few of this year’s pics from 2019. Ps, I’ll get around to rotating all the pictures the right way up when I can be bothered and have time!

Author: Christopher Buchan

2 thoughts on “Kettlewell scarecrow festival

  1. You’re right the village relies on this – the monies raised each year keep the School, Village Hall and Church going – no mean feat in such a tiny village.

    This year the festival’s been cancelled, but there’s a Virtual Festival instead – head on over to now to join the fun and help the village raise a few pounds in the virtual collecting bucket.

    1. Thanks Silas. I’ve just been on the website and started following on Instagram. It’s a shame this years event has been cancelled in person but amazing that a virtual one is available through the site. I’m also impressed with the recipes available but most of all the kids activities and craft ideas available on the site. I’ll be sure to donate in the virtual bucket:) thanks again for dropping by and posting link to site.

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