NUFC Takeover

Newcastle United takeover!!!!

It’s happening boys and girls!!! The fat man is selling up and exiting. Yes, yes we’ve been down this road before but this time it’s actually happening. This is probably the best news that’s come out of the lockdown ever.

The majority of people are not getting their hopes up due to hearing all of this before but companies house movements and Ashley receiving a £13M sum as a sweetner, this looks legit. It’s claimed the sale has been agreed for the sum of around £300M and to be paid in installments. I can’t wait until this fat man is out of our club, paving the way for the new Saudi owner the breath life and ambition back into Newcastle not just as a club but as a region. The thoughts of supporting a club now that will target top flight premiership but also the prospect of Europa or even stretch to Champions league has got me excited much!

Author: Christopher Buchan

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