Newcastle beat Man United!

Eating my words here from previous posts, but that’s fine ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Overall, not the best of games as entertainment goes with both teams not showing dominance. The game ended at half time 0-0 with one attempt in the first half shaking the crossbar from Newcastle.

Second half started much like the first bit the teams were divided at the 71st minute with a goal from north Shields born and bred Matthew Longstaff. Longstaff shot a raking goal outside of the box into the lower left side of goal from a pass back which defeated the Manchester defender and keeper.

Newcastle are now out of the bottom 3 by a singular point and being replaced by Everton of all teams who sit on 7 points.

Well done Newcastle but we’re no way safe from dropping back in to the bottom three with more difficult games ahead.

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Royaly done over by Leicester

I knew we weren’t going to win but to be utterly taken to the cleaners with a 5-0 loss is absolutely dire!

Newcastle played with zero effort and the only true effort noticed on the day was the supporters voices. As mentioned in my previous posts I can’t see us picking up any points until at least December.

Man United is the next game and although they aren’t playing good themselves, they will be a damn lot better than our plight. Steve Bruce hasn’t a clue and it’s clearly showing he’s not the right person to motivate the players and get results.

Utter shambles and Mike Ashley won’t give a toss neither as usual as long as the money keeps rolling in.

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Pi-hole ad blocker

Gone are the days when browsing the internet landed you on pages that weren’t full of ads. These days, virtually every website you stumble upon or go to have the annoying ads in them. Sure you can install ad blockers on devices you use to stop them but what about taking it to the next level and blocking them on every device without the need for apps and software to be installed on the device itself?

That’s where Pi-hole is useful. By installing Pi-hole onto say a raspberry pi for example and pointing your device or even better, your routers DNS to the pi-hole, you can be ad free!

By simply installing onto a basic pi and connecting up to your router (including the power to the pi) you can be up and running in 30 mins or less. Take a look at the link below on how.

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Strathaven balloon festival 2019

This festival was amazing. The festival was on in August from 23rd – 25th. We travelled to Strathaven on the Saturday around 4am hoping to catch the early morning flights but missed them by about an hour. We did however see the evening flights, the night light show, the morning flights on the Sunday and the sky divers. A truly amazing event and will be back hopefully next year.

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Defeated at Anfield

Well it wasn’t going to be anything other than this was it!?

With Newcastle taking the lead early in the game, hope was short lived and the end result was expected with a 3-1 finish in Liverpools favour.

Newcastle are now 18th in the premiership table and with the next game against Brighton hove Albion, if we don’t get a result in our favour for this game then I can’t see us moving out of the relegation zone until December time.

Our games after Brighton are all well established premiership big clubs and can only feel frustration coming. I do feel there is worse clubs playing in the premiership that will fill the relegation zone up as we didn’t play that bad against Liverpool but it’s certainly looking like another pitiful depressing season. Ashley out and Bruce out will no doubt be focus yet again for the followers as we simply don’t pick up points over then next four plus games coming our way.

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Next game Liverpool :(

This Saturday see’s Newcastle travel to Liverpool for their next game.

With Liverpool so far winning all their games I can’t see us coming out of this one without being battered and when I say battered I mean destroyed by at least three goals.

It may surprise me and we hang on for a draw if we actually catch Liverpool on a terrible day but I seriously doubt it!

Newcastle as a team are not strong enough or anywhere near the quality our away friends have and if a bets going on, it’s in Liverpools favour.

Nothing has changed with the higher Archy, Ashley is still at the helm of the Titanic toon and this is one of those games that will steer the ship clearly on course to the fateful iceberg!

On a more positive note, here’s the Newcastle Elmer ๐Ÿ˜„

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Canaries crap a big dump over NUFC

Holy mother of f#ck! What the hell has just happened?

I’ll tell you what has just happened, we’ve just confirmed exactly what people have been talking about since Rafa left.

Let’s not be under no illusion here, Rafa fucked off knowing fine well what was in store and well played to the guy. Ashley “pretending” he gives a shit and ploughs “some of his profits” into the club to buy players and appointing a cabbage for a “coach” erm I mean manager as he knew fine well calling him the next manager an uproar. Cunt!

I’ve just exhibited us being bummed big style by 3-1 off Norwich with said signings and a keeper who clearly needs fucking off to Specsavers as some of the goals he let in, my 3 year old son could have saved!!!!!!

I’m livid If you haven’t noticed I’m absolutely fucked clean off with this shit. I’m giving this post an 18+ as that cunt wanka of an owner knows fine well what an absolute tosser he is and should just get the fuck out!!!

A hatrick by Pukki! I mean what the fuck. Seriously, I’m utterly devastated about the way NUFC as a club.

Wow we got a goal back from shelvey. Please fuck off from the club Ashley and also Steve Bruce you absolute money grabbing bastard!

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Kettlewell scarecrow festival

So this is the second time I’ve been here and some of the exhibits are mad!

This village probably relies on this event as thousands of people attend for this yearly event that lasts a week but there’s nothing else here really after this event ends

Anyways, here’s a few of this year’s pics from 2019. Ps, I’ll get around to rotating all the pictures the right way up when I can be bothered and have time!

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It’s nearing the time when the premiership football returns which brings back football to our eyes. During this scarce period of football I’ve enjoyed an all inclusive week in Menorca with the family and watched the horrendous asian cup match between wolves and Newcastle.

Alongside this, cabbage head Steve Bruce was appointed “head coach” to may I add avoiding uproar calling him a manager since Rafa leaving.

Mike Ashley is still owner of the club and although digging into his pocket buying some needed players after selling players, he’s still a parasite to the club and we need to remember this fact!

Newcastle host Arsenal on Sunday which is televised on sky and what better opportunity can you get to stay away from the grounds, show all the viewers watching this on TV an empty as possible stadium? The answer is never!

I’m hoping it’s as empty as my bank balance just before payday and people boycott the game, showing the world the empty stadium may bring further pain and attention to get the fat man out.

So sit back in a pub somewhere, enjoy the game but whatever you do, don’t fill the fat cockneys wallet. #boycottarsenal

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Ps Vita dlc install with Mai dumptool

I ran into an issue lately where I was trying to install dlc for zen pinball using mai dumptool and decide to share incase it helps someone.

On numerous attempts, for the life of me, I couldn’t get the dlc to install and unlock properly and was instead still showing as demos.

So try the below and see if it helps you for either zen pinball or any similar games when using the dump tool.

1. Download and unzip the files. In this example we have 3 for zen.
2. On the PC, take the contents of patch folder and put it on PCSB00094 (overwrite all the files)
3. via FTP send PCSB00094 to uxo: Mai and PCSB00094_addc to uxo: addcont_mai
4. start maidumptool and select option 2 in the main menu to install the game, after the process completes, close maidump
5. Start vitashell and rename uxo: addcont_mai / PCSB00094_addc to PCSB00094 (delete _addc)
6. start maidump again. The dlc will be installed automatically. Wait for it to finish and in the main menu select optionย 
5, then select the game (zen pinball) and again option 5. Wait until complete and close maidump.

7. Start Zen Pinball and enjoy

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