Unban your jailbroken PS3

Banned from PSN on your jailbroken PS3? No problem at all! With a few simple changes you’ll be back online in no time.

I was recently hit with both a user ban and console ban when I tried to log in and thought I would share the simplest method I found which may help.

First off, create a new PSN account and try and log in. If this works then you’ve only been hit with an account ban which means the only hardship is, is that you will have to delete your user and add your friends again.

If however this doesn’t work then your console has been banned which is more of pain. To get back online, follow the steps below. I found this was the easiest method but there is other methods.

What you need:

  1. A new CID (Console ID)
  2. A new PSID (Playstation ID)
  3. Webman mods full installed

Ok so to get both a new console ID and playstation ID I would recommend getting a private one that is not publicly listed. To get a private one, look for a recomended seller on Ebay or similar. The price shouldn’t cost much and most offer a guarantee of some sort.

Once you have the ID’s, install if not already webman mods. Once webman is installed, restart PS3. Find your console up address and enter this as follows on a pc or laptop in browser: ipaddressofps3/setup.ps3

If you’ve done this right, you’ll see a webman mod gui. Next locate the CID and PSN area and replace the existing ones with newly obtained ones. Now click save and restart the PS3.

Finally, try and log in to PSN. If this works, great but if not then delete current user on PS3, create a new one and log into new PSN account. If this fails then you’ve been sold or given a duff CID/PSID.

You should be up and running if you’ve followed things. Hope this helps

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Diabolic draw in 4th round of FA cup.

A shambles of a performance against Oxford at ST James’s park on Saturday has resulted in a replay next Tuesday.

The match should have ended with a Newcastle win against the league one visitors but the game ended goal-less with a 0-0 outcome.

Newcastle did look the better side with the majority of possession which showed by the two goal chances that had both ruled as offside. The scruffy tactics from Oxford was also observed with shocking tackles and the pulling of almirons shirt which should have been a sending off due to him clearly been in a goal scoring opportunity.

Let’s hope the away trip to Oxford is in Newcastle’s favour of a win but in all honesty I can see us exiting the tournament in the very near future with the likes of Man city and teams playing for fun putting them past the opposition.

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Newcastle through to 4th round of FA cup

After a shocking first game against Rochdale which forced a replay this evening, Newcastle won with ease the replay paving the way to League one Oxford in the next round.

It was game over for Rochdale within the first 30 minutes of tonight’s game as Newcastle sailed ahead 3-0 in the first half with an own goal then further goals from Longstaff and Almiron. In the second half Joelinton furthered the gap to 4-0 with Rochdale pulling one back making the final score 4-1 scrubbing Darwlows clean sheet.

Newcastle take on Chelsea in the Premiership this weekend which will more likely be a reverse scoreline of the one tonight.

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Jailbreak almost every PS3 now possible to run CFW

Until recently, if you wanted your PS3 jailbroke it had to be on a low enough firmware version to allow you to exploit and perform the jailbreak to the system. Recently this has changed allowing even the most recent of firmwares (4.85 at present) to take advantage of this.

I recently acquired a PS3 and decided to do the jailbreak on a slim version. I followed a well informed tutorial on youtube which I have linked below which not only jailbreaks your console but when followed, ensures your files are validated and you have a back up of your Nand/NOR flash depending on what system you have.

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Newcastle draw with Man city

An early kick off against Manchester city was this Saturdays treat and live on BT Sport. This game had defeat written all over it but how wrong that turned out to be.

The game started as expected with city taking the lead in the 22nd minute from a goal by Sterling. That to me was just the start of things going by badly wrong.

Willems in the 25th minute evened the scores back up to my surprise and half time came with a 1-1 score.

In the 82nd minute, Man city broke ahead again by a goal from De Bruyne which I thought would have killed off the game with only 8 minutes left and felt too little time to get back anything. Shelvey however saved the game in the 88th minute and drew us level to 2-2 and held on for a well deserved point against Manchester city.

Well done lads!!

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Will Newcastle climb to 9th tonight against Aston villa?

Tonight’s game is away to Aston villa and a chance to climb the table to 9th.

Looking at statistics, Newcastle have came out with either a win or at the very least, a draw when looking at historic results against villa. With that said, Aston villa who have recently came back up to the premiership from being promoted will be out to try and claw some points to stay in the top flight.

If Newcastle can catch Aston villa on a counter attack and avoid making silly defensive mistakes then I believe it’s ours for the taking. If Newcastle can somehow win this match then as mentioned, this will lift us to 9th in the table which was last seen in the 17/18 season breifly.

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Newcastle beat Man United!

Eating my words here from previous posts, but that’s fine 😃

Overall, not the best of games as entertainment goes with both teams not showing dominance. The game ended at half time 0-0 with one attempt in the first half shaking the crossbar from Newcastle.

Second half started much like the first bit the teams were divided at the 71st minute with a goal from north Shields born and bred Matthew Longstaff. Longstaff shot a raking goal outside of the box into the lower left side of goal from a pass back which defeated the Manchester defender and keeper.

Newcastle are now out of the bottom 3 by a singular point and being replaced by Everton of all teams who sit on 7 points.

Well done Newcastle but we’re no way safe from dropping back in to the bottom three with more difficult games ahead.

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Royaly done over by Leicester

I knew we weren’t going to win but to be utterly taken to the cleaners with a 5-0 loss is absolutely dire!

Newcastle played with zero effort and the only true effort noticed on the day was the supporters voices. As mentioned in my previous posts I can’t see us picking up any points until at least December.

Man United is the next game and although they aren’t playing good themselves, they will be a damn lot better than our plight. Steve Bruce hasn’t a clue and it’s clearly showing he’s not the right person to motivate the players and get results.

Utter shambles and Mike Ashley won’t give a toss neither as usual as long as the money keeps rolling in.

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Pi-hole ad blocker

Gone are the days when browsing the internet landed you on pages that weren’t full of ads. These days, virtually every website you stumble upon or go to have the annoying ads in them. Sure you can install ad blockers on devices you use to stop them but what about taking it to the next level and blocking them on every device without the need for apps and software to be installed on the device itself?

That’s where Pi-hole is useful. By installing Pi-hole onto say a raspberry pi for example and pointing your device or even better, your routers DNS to the pi-hole, you can be ad free!

By simply installing onto a basic pi and connecting up to your router (including the power to the pi) you can be up and running in 30 mins or less. Take a look at the link below on how.


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Strathaven balloon festival 2019

This festival was amazing. The festival was on in August from 23rd – 25th. We travelled to Strathaven on the Saturday around 4am hoping to catch the early morning flights but missed them by about an hour. We did however see the evening flights, the night light show, the morning flights on the Sunday and the sky divers. A truly amazing event and will be back hopefully next year.

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