Canaries crap a big dump over NUFC

Holy mother of f#ck! What the hell has just happened?

I’ll tell you what has just happened, we’ve just confirmed exactly what people have been talking about since Rafa left.

Let’s not be under no illusion here, Rafa fucked off knowing fine well what was in store and well played to the guy. Ashley “pretending” he gives a shit and ploughs “some of his profits” into the club to buy players and appointing a cabbage for a “coach” erm I mean manager as he knew fine well calling him the next manager an uproar. Cunt!

I’ve just exhibited us being bummed big style by 3-1 off Norwich with said signings and a keeper who clearly needs fucking off to Specsavers as some of the goals he let in, my 3 year old son could have saved!!!!!!

I’m livid If you haven’t noticed I’m absolutely fucked clean off with this shit. I’m giving this post an 18+ as that cunt wanka of an owner knows fine well what an absolute tosser he is and should just get the fuck out!!!

A hatrick by Pukki! I mean what the fuck. Seriously, I’m utterly devastated about the way NUFC as a club.

Wow we got a goal back from shelvey. Please fuck off from the club Ashley and also Steve Bruce you absolute money grabbing bastard!

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Kettlewell scarecrow festival

So this is the second time I’ve been here and some of the exhibits are mad!

This village probably relies on this event as thousands of people attend for this yearly event that lasts a week but there’s nothing else here really after this event ends

Anyways, here’s a few of this year’s pics from 2019. Ps, I’ll get around to rotating all the pictures the right way up when I can be bothered and have time!

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It’s nearing the time when the premiership football returns which brings back football to our eyes. During this scarce period of football I’ve enjoyed an all inclusive week in Menorca with the family and watched the horrendous asian cup match between wolves and Newcastle.

Alongside this, cabbage head Steve Bruce was appointed “head coach” to may I add avoiding uproar calling him a manager since Rafa leaving.

Mike Ashley is still owner of the club and although digging into his pocket buying some needed players after selling players, he’s still a parasite to the club and we need to remember this fact!

Newcastle host Arsenal on Sunday which is televised on sky and what better opportunity can you get to stay away from the grounds, show all the viewers watching this on TV an empty as possible stadium? The answer is never!

I’m hoping it’s as empty as my bank balance just before payday and people boycott the game, showing the world the empty stadium may bring further pain and attention to get the fat man out.

So sit back in a pub somewhere, enjoy the game but whatever you do, don’t fill the fat cockneys wallet. #boycottarsenal

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Ps Vita dlc install with Mai dumptool

I ran into an issue lately where I was trying to install dlc for zen pinball using mai dumptool and decide to share incase it helps someone.

On numerous attempts, for the life of me, I couldn’t get the dlc to install and unlock properly and was instead still showing as demos.

So try the below and see if it helps you for either zen pinball or any similar games when using the dump tool.

1. Download and unzip the files. In this example we have 3 for zen.
2. On the PC, take the contents of patch folder and put it on PCSB00094 (overwrite all the files)
3. via FTP send PCSB00094 to uxo: Mai and PCSB00094_addc to uxo: addcont_mai
4. start maidumptool and select option 2 in the main menu to install the game, after the process completes, close maidump
5. Start vitashell and rename uxo: addcont_mai / PCSB00094_addc to PCSB00094 (delete _addc)
6. start maidump again. The dlc will be installed automatically. Wait for it to finish and in the main menu select option 
5, then select the game (zen pinball) and again option 5. Wait until complete and close maidump.

7. Start Zen Pinball and enjoy

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Desperate times at NUFC

Where do I start here!!!

With the rumoured takeover talks being what seemed to be more lies the whole escapade is nothing short of deflating. The takeover is now being classes as a fakeover in terms of being another one of Mike Ashley’s stunts to keep us with hope.

This has all but ended dreams and hopes as we are now seeing more and more rumours that Steve Bruce is to become the next manager for Newcastle. Another yes man another hated figure and if this does happen then a takeover is 100% not going to happen as any new owner of the club would wish to bring their own aspirations to the club.

Our first game is against Arsenal live on sky on the Sunday in August at home and there is huge social media gatherings to boycott the game and leave the ground a deserted humiliation. If this happens then surely this counts for unity and huge pressure will be glared at Ashley to get out and sell the club.

I stand by the boycott and wish it every success. We need to get this horrid vile person out of our club and let it repair from the years of decay caused by the owner and his little daft minions.

If you’re a supporter, please stay away from the game, watch the match in a pub somewhere and stop lining the fat man’s pockets. Let’s make a stand and make a mockery and embarrassment out of him once and for all. The only thing he’s interested in is money and the more pain we cause to his revenue the better.

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Perez to exit NUFC

Another blow looks to be heading Newcastle United’s way as Leicester look likely to sign Perez.

Rumours are stating a £30m transfer fee has been met and personal terms is the last part of the deal to be official.

With Rafa already away to China as the manager and now Perez looking almost certain to exit, the club is in a dire state and more player exits seem likely before the season kicks off.

Newcastle still has no buyer and Ashley still at the helm of what can only be compared to the Titanic. We’re going down captain!

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RAFA exits Newcastle

It’s a sad time in and around Newcastle today as Rafa Benitez walks from being Newcastle United manager, and quite frankly who can blame him.

With Rafa’s contract ending at the end of the month and Newcastle desperately trying to renew his contract with what I can only imagine as being promises and lies offered to the manager.

I truly appreciate what Rafa has done for Newcastle in his time here and wish him all the best in his next venture.

Who will become Newcastle’s next manager is still unknown but whoever it is has massive boots to fill. The bookies favourite to take over is Jose Mourinho which if happened, would be welcomed.

The main issue is Mike Ashley who refuses to invest money into the club, always leaves the transfer window until last minute, rummages through the bargain bin for signings and has made the club rotten to the core.

Personally I don’t think we’ll get anyone decent and as for the rumoured takeover of the club, that’s probably a lie spun in the hope Rafa believed it and signed another contract.

Social media has went on fire around the announcement and fans urging to not renew season tickets and avoid using any of Ashley’s business. The only way to get Ashley out is to hit him where it hurts and that’s his wallet.

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Wireguard setup Openwrt

The amount of tutorials out for setting up Wireguard on your Openwrt router are either incorrect or over complicated.

I’ve decided to collate these and create an easy to understand walkthrough to get a simple Wireguard VPN set up on your router. I will be using the wireguard app on Android as an example in this tutorial but others should be similar.

With advice from some of the members of the openwrt forums (thanks to cpunk) the below details have been updated to be more accurate.

Install packages

SSH into your router and run the below:
opkg update
opkg install kmod-wireguard luci-app-wireguard luci-proto-wireguard wireguard wireguard-tools

Add the interface

Login to your router and select Network > Interfaces and then select Add new interface.

Name the newly created interface wgo, select Wireguard VPN as the protocol and press Submit.

Generate key pairs

From SSH run the following:
mkdir -p /etc/wireguard
wg genkey | tee /etc/wireguard/server-privatekey | wg pubkey > /etc/wireguard/server-publickey
wg genkey | tee client-privatekey | wg pubkey > client-publickey

Grab the keys

There should now be two files in /etc/wireguard, one called server-privatekey & server-publickey. Open these files to view the keys and make a note of them.

Wireguard app

Download and open up the wireguard app on your device and select the + icon and select Create from scratch. Name the Interface, click GENERATE. Copy the Public key somewhere as you will need this to enter into the Wireguard interface on your Openwrt router .

Configure the Openwrt Wireguard Interface

In your router, head over to the configuration page of wg0 interface. From the general settings section, paste the server-privatekey you obtained from /etc/wireguard earlier into Private Key section, set Listening port to 51820 or any unused port you like.
In IP Addresses, choose a subnet IP CIDR, for example . This will be the subnet of your VPN

In the PEERS section click Add and paste in the Public key you obtained from the wireguard app. In the Allowed IP’s section you’re indicating what addresses are reached through the tunnel to this peer. In our example we only want to send traffic to the one client’s address. To do this, pick an IP address for the client in the subnet you previously chose, and use /32 at the end. For example Next, make sure Route Allowed IPs is checked and set Persistent Keep Alive to the recommended value of 25.

Select Firewall Settings from the top of the page and assign lan zone for the interface then click Save & Apply.

Create firewall rule

Next run the following in SSH to make a new firewall rule in OpenWRT.
Making sure your change port 51820 to match what you selected earlier if you changed this:

uci add firewall rule
uci set firewall.@rule[-1].src="*"
uci set firewall.@rule[-1].target="ACCEPT"
uci set firewall.@rule[-1].proto="udp"
uci set firewall.@rule[-1].dest_port="51820"
uci set firewall.@rule[-1].name="Allow-Wireguard-Inbound"
uci commit firewall
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

Wireguard app

Go back to the app and in Addresses, put the address you chose for the client and entered on the server in the peer Allowed IPs section, but use the real subnet mask (/24 in CIDR notation) like you did for the server Address, e.g. In DNS servers, put the router’s LAN IP address in and select ADD PEER. Don’t touch Listen port and MTU unless you know what you’re doing.

In the Public key section paste in the public key you obtained from /etc/wireguard on the openwrt router earlier and enter into Allowed IPs. In Endpoint, specify the router’s WAN IP address or a domain name, ending with :port. For example Leave the rest default and hit the save icon.

You should now be up and running. If you have trouble connecting, restart your router and check settings if still not working.

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Setup NordVPN on Openwrt/LEDE router

Watching the 3pm kick offs is becoming extremely difficult with ISP’s blocking traffic when trying to watch a stream or IPTV service.

By using a VPN, you can get around this annoyance and freely watch without the fear of the dreaded no picture.

Along with this added bonus, the main purpose of using a VPN is to keep your internet activity private and away from your ISP.

Below is an excellent guide showing how you can set up NORDVPN on your Openwrt/LEDE router to protect all devices automatically when connected to your home internet connection.

Guide to setup Nordvpn

There is also sometimes a need to direct some devices such as a Smart TV you watch Netflix on away from the VPN as the service will be blocked. To do this you will need to create a Static IP address on the device and also add a rule in /etc/config/network to take care of this and route the device outside of the VPN and use your ISP Gateway. The below link is a good read on what’s needed.

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Who will be crowned with the premiership title?

The 18/19 premiership title race has went to the last day with man city and Liverpool fighting for the title.

Manchester city are on 95 points and in pole position while Liverpool are on 94 in second breathing down their necks.

Liverpool face wolves away and man city take on Brighton. With Liverpool securing their place in the champions League final earlier in the week, they’ll sure to be in high spirits and all guns blazing going into the last game.

All games kick off at 3pm today so it’s going to be a really interesting day with these being the games to watch.

On the other scale of the table, Cardiff have been declared the final team to be relegated out of the bottom three, the only focus now being who picks up the title.

My guess is that man city will pick up the title and be crowned champions but there is a little doubt in my mind that Liverpool can come up with the goods after the performance they put out again Barcelona going on to win 4-3 from both legs after being behind 3-0 from first leg.

All will be revealed around 5pm this evening with a replica trophy being at one of the grounds should it go either way.

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